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Purpose of

          Stanford Christian Church


To love God, love others, and share the hope of God's word by serving, caring, and giving.


Jeremy Johnson


Director of Music

Josh Fletcher

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Charlotte Kirkpatrick

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Children's Ministry Directors

Tyler and Kelsey McGuffey

Our Story

History is often not a straightforward and as clear as we would like for a short synopsis. This churches history could be traced back to the day of Pentecost. It certainly flows from the protestant reformation began in 1517.


More directly, our story begins in 1801 during revival meetings in Cane Ridge, Kentucky (Bourbon County). Those revivals led to the joining of two men who led Christian movements. The first was Barton Stone a Presbyterian and the other Alexander Campbell a Baptist. Both withdrew from the churches to join in a new “Restoration” movement. They refused to be called anything except Christians or Disciples of Christ. They wanted no denomination. Emphasized open communion, every Lord’s Day. They embraced the concepts of “no creed but the Bible,” desiring each person to have freedom to interpret God’s Word for themselves. We don’t have to all think the same to worship Jesus together. Focus on Jesus and minimize distractions. In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things love.

In 1834, a church was founded in Stanford, KY. The local newspaper called it the Reform Church or the Christian Church. It met in homes until in 1840, it began to meet in a schoolhouse where Stanford Baptist Church now stands. In 1846 a new Church building was built on Depot Street, where the arts building now stands. In 1881, the building we now meet in was built and in 1925 an extensive addition was completed.



The Bible is completely true. It is also necessary and sufficient to know and follow Jesus.

The one true God exists in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is eternal. He created everything that exists. He is all powerful, all knowing, and perfectly good.

Humanity sinned and is separated from God. God loved us too much to leave us, so He sent His son (fully God and fully human) to live a sinless life, die to pay the price for our sins, and rise again. We are spiritually dead until we believe in Jesus. We are born again, forgiven, given a place in God's presence, adopted, and the Holy Spirit empowers and equips us.

At His perfect time, He will return, judge, and completely restore His perfect creation.

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